Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Lately, I have been feeling a bit misty, watching the news and seeing different events occurring all around the world and this here is my prayer for peace.

May peace dwell in our hearts and in our homes and in our paths and communes with one another and that your peaceful walk might inspire mine.  May peace flow evenly all around the world and touch the hearts of each and every individual on this earth. Peace be with you!

Inspired by the hope for world peace, I performed a Cover of Jill Jackson Miller's and Sy Miller's 1955 tune "Let There Be Peace on Earth" with pianist Danny Dalileo, and would like to invite you to watch it here:

Thank you for checking out my blogpost.
Stephanie Jeannot

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Breakthrough kind of Saturday Morning

Who gets up on a Saturday morning at 6am? 

Didn't think it would be me; ever. But, all I know is that I was requested to sing at a prayer breakfast and I agreed but still asked Jesus to guide me. I said,  "if you want me there, wake me up and I'll go." I still set my alarm anyway but guess what, grace woke me up about ten minutes before the alarm even awakened me. 

And so, there I was ready to sing at Antioch Baptist Church in Brooklyn for the American Clergy and Leadership Conference Breakfast at 7:45 AM. Thank God he did wake me up. 

Not only did I get to share my original song, "Breakthrough" with worship leaders from all over the globe but I got a chance to listen to former congressman Edolphus Towns preach who said, "keep on fighting the fight and never give up because holding on to God's faith is a sign of integrity," which was so fulfilling to my spirit; a word very much needed and all worth my early morning rising. What a great morning!!! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

This year seems to be traveling at the speed of sound and incredibly, I still can't get over nature's song and dance.

It feels almost as if it were yesterday when I woke up from a second of sleeping wedged into a back of a truck with the metal of my own car before me looking as if it had been cut open by a can opener. But I survived it and am so blessed to be able to say that I am still here because God kept me. Yet, there is no denying all the wonderful blessings God has provided and I am very grateful.

I subscribe to a blog which delivers articles to my email on a daily basis and I came across a gratitude challenge.  The challenge was to write down three things daily in which we are thankful for and by the end of the year, we should have about a 1000 things on our list.

I had been with writer's block for a while unable to express myself in song. But come across a gratitude challenge and the words unraveled like a petal of a rose in the springtime. The words were down, and then shortly after, the melody and music; a song of thanksgiving inspired by the thankfulness challenge that I came across and thought was very appropriate as we are coming upon Thanksgiving Day.  And here we are,  giving thanks to God,  He is definitely worthy of it. Check it out if you'd like The song is called "Thankful"  (A raw and rough draft)!

I am definitely thankful that you took the time to check out this post and with even more gratitude to have each and every one of you in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stephanie Jeannot at 2014 TCS NYC Marathon, Brooklyn NY

with Carl Orlando and Resia
It was a cold day in New York City on November 2nd, 2014, but thank God for the energy to bring warmth to the runners, running in the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon.

While runners were running,  many musical performers were out there with them, providing a taste of rhythm to their foot-to-the-pavement melody.  What a great way to add a little warmth to the 30°  weather runners were experiencing that day! Orlando Enterprise Entertainment was one of those entertainment groups which featured myself as well as artists Resia and Yeshua; thankful to Carl Orlando for the opportunity to share my talents. 

The following is a short medley of  my performance from that day. I'd like to invite you to watch the performance by either clicking on the link here or by watching the clip that is embedded below.


What a blessing to have seen things of this sort, that I hadn't seen before and to have been a part of such an amazing experience. Thank you for checking out my blogpost and for watching the youtube video of my performance. 

Have a wonderful week everybody!

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Art of Being a Musician

I know chords enough to structure and create tracks for a song, but I would not consider myself a keyboardist. But I'm learning to sing and play at the same time, so maybe I will gain that wonderful skill someday. 

I can strum guitar strings and own a guitar but am not a master of that instrument and wouldn't consider myself a guitarist. 

I can hold down a beat but to use the sticks and steady on it, I can't do because I'm not a drummer. 

Today I was asked am I musician. I thought about it and realized, the vocal cords are an instrument; the only instrument hand-made by God. 

Yes, I am a musician. I'm a singer!!! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

NYC Marathon 2014

Being here at the NYC Marathon leaves me a bit sentimental. I'm here for the first time ever and to see those who truly struggle through their every day life, using everything they have within to make it through the entire stretch of the course is so inspiring. 

I'm amazed by their courage to thrust forward and how strong they really are. God truly is amazing. This is a true example of by any means necessary.

Also a good example are the runners. I am not sure I would be as gutsy as them to come outside in runners gear in 30 degree weather. I myself am wearing a hat, gloves and a scarf but they are out there with practically nothing on and doing it. 

I am happy to not only see these things with my own eyes but also excited to be performing here today at the 2014 NYC Marathon. Singing and music never seemed so right to offer to the runners as some motivation to keep on thrusting forward. Thankful to Carl Orlando and Orlando Enterprise Entertainment for having me here today and for the blessing of this wonderful opportunity.

Today is going to be an amazing day; by any means necessary!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


There is something about harmony that I just love!

Stacked up waves of beauty all intermingling together beautifully to create one beautiful sound.  And when you take harmony in, it just soothes.

That was the idea I had when writing the song "Harmony."

In my opinion, there is nothing greater than singing and music. What I love to do most is to be on the stage and performing before a crowd. These are the things that bring harmony to my life. These are the things for me, that bring peace.

And so, when speaking of music and how music itself is the subject of most of my original material,  there is always an essence of instrumentation, melody and/or all things that pertain to music when I write. 

True, "Harmony" is the title and it is a love song, but love in itself can also be an harmonious thing if it is right. And so, here we have it; the song that I was speaking about that I'd like to invite you to listen to.  It is currently on my SoundCloud account and here is the direct link to it.

If you are interested, I have several songs on SoundCloud besides "Harmony" which can be accessed by visiting Follow me and I'll follow back. You can also put your SoundCloud link in the comments below if you'd like for me to visit just in case I missed it.

Thanks a million for stopping by and for checking out my post.  Please enjoy the rest of the weekend and blessings for the week ahead.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stephanie Jeannot & All the Way Live at Essence Bar Thursday, October 26, 2014 9:30 pm

I would like to invite you out tomorrow evening, Thursday October 23, 2014 to Essence Bar located at 1662 Atlantic Avenue (corner of Troy Ave) in Brooklyn , NY. 

I will be performing with All the Way Live the band 

EJ Haughton . . . Drums

Ed Manners . . . Bass

William . . . Keys

from 9:30pm to 1:30 am and hope you will join us in the musical fun. 

Come listen or jam to classic soul, funk, r&b, jazz, blues, some Gospel music and original material of old and new. 

Admission is free and there are great times to be had at this wonderful Brooklyn spot. Please come out and support live music. Street parking is available and for those who do not drive, take A train to Utica Avenue which is two blocks away from Essence. Hoping to see you there! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm Singing At the Smoke Pit Tonight at 8pm

Good morning everybody!!! 

Tonight at 8:30pm, I'm singing at the Smoke BBQ Pit located at 129-21 Merrick Blvd in Queens, NY with the awesome band Renegade, and would like to invite you out tonight. 

We will be doing a mixture of original and cover tunes. The music will be fantastic and the food at this place is so good, foodies gather and talk about the yummy food items available. 

Friday is a great night to take in the joys of music, food, drink and fun. Hopefully you can make it. Starts at 8:30 pm and admission is free. Please come out. 

Thanks y'all!!! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stephanie Jeannot performing live at Six Flags Great Adventures September 20, 2014 4pm

Next Saturday, September 20, 2014, I will be performing live with the ATM Band at Six Flags Great Adventures. 

If you are interested in coming out, the cost is entry fee to the park. Performance time will be at 4pm. Come have fun with us. 

Performing at Melba's Restaurant in Harlem this Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 8pm

This Tuesday night, September 16th, 2014 from 8pm to 10pm,  if you are free, I will be performing live with the Swagga Band at Melba's Restaurant located at 300 w 114th street (corner of Frederick Douglass) in Harlem from 8pm to 10pm. 

The atmosphere is really nice at Melba's. What makes it so great is the food, the friendly wait staff, the cleanliness and the live music hosted by keyboardist Michael Collins. The music that will fill the air will be a nice mix of R&B, soul, funk, pop, rock, jazz and more. I think you will enjoy the experience and hope that you can make it Tuesday night. 

See you then! 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Smell the Roses

I am one with nature and definitely learning how to smell the roses. Each new day a new blessing. Each new blessing, something to not only be thankful for but to build on and also learn from. 

Thankful for fresh opportunities that break me out the box and transform me just a little bit more. I feel just like the roses when you shed your light on me and enable me to stand tall and lift my face unto your beauty. Thank you Lord for loving me as softly as a morning sunrise.

God is good!!! (EVERYDAY) 

I Know you love me Lord because even as imperfect as I am, you loved me. 

Please check out my original tune "You Loved Me" on Soundcloud on SoundCloud

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meeting of the Mindz

Have you listened to the new album by drummer Aaron Bernard Brim yet? 

Not only is it a wonderful display of jazz music at its best, but I am a featured vocalist on one of the 10 songs. 

You can check out some of the snippets of the hot new music by visiting

The CD is currently available on so please go and get your copy today! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Entered the Sarah Vaughan International Singing Competition; Pls Listen and Vote

I love Jazz music and have been truly inspired by so many jazz artists that have come and graced the world with their wonderful talents. Sarah Vaughan is definitely one of those artists.
Her voice is da bomb. She has such an incredible range and her vocal stylings are fantastic. Some of the riffs that you hear in her songs, you do not hear from any other vocalist's voice. I love the depth of her voice and I like her approach a lot.
Plus, I love her sophistication. She graced the stage with such beauty and charisma. Always makes me feel like trying to imitate and get bedazzled to croon, like she and many of the other jazz vocalists did.
Often times, I find myself doing searches on artists or singing opportunities on Google. And surprisingly, I came across the Sarah Vaughan International Singing Competition and so decided to join in. For one, Sarah Vaughan has the biggest playlist of songs on my IPOD. I could listen to her voice and sing along with her all day and never get tired. Not to mention that, her songs and the way she sings them always makes me feel like getting on my feet and singing; wherever I am.
So when I went to the Indaba Music site and saw that this competition was live and on-going, I decided that it would only be right to honor such a wonderful singer as the Divine One.  
The contest directs each singer to upload three selections that Sarah Vaughan sang by either downloading the track made available to competitors or some other suggested songs featured on a PDF file to choose from and adding your vocal rendition to it and submitting them  into the contest.
I'd like to invite you today to listen to my submissions and please if you listen and you liked what you heard, vote.  The only way for me to advance to the next round is by the votes of anyone willing to vote for me. I hope you will! Here are the links:

Thank you in advance for voting!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Celebrate Band at JAMS Festival

What an exciting afternoon it was on Saturday, August 2, 2014!

I had the opportunity to perform live with the Celebrate Band at the Jamaica Arts & Music Summer Festival and it was awesome. The JAMS festival spanned along Jamaica Avenue and ran from 160th to 170th Street in Jamaica, NY. The stretch, The stage, the sound, the people, the music; awesome, Jamaica, Queens was alive and popping. 

The Celebrate Band consists of Hakim Hanton on drums, Rodney B on keys, Alphonso McGruder on keys, Tony Thompson on bass, Alan Thomas on guitar, JazzEMatt on vocals and Stephanie Jeannot on vocals. 

So glad to have been able to not only perform covers of some of my favorite classic tunes but I had the opportunity to share one of my original songs on that stage and to the people of the community who received it really well. "All Night Long" is a tune originally written by Stephanie Jeannot and produced by Derrick Smith. From a studio recording to a live setting, the energy was definitely there and I really enjoyed it. 

You can check out the live performance by visiting the following Youtube link: 

Thank you for reading my blogpost. Have an incredible week.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Performance at Kennedy Park in Hempstead, NY August 1, 2014, 6pm

Hey friends. 

Tonight, right after work starting at 6pm, I'll be performing live with Deverne Williams and Vintage Soul as part of Old Timers Day music festival in Kennedy Park located at 335 Greenwich Avenue in Hempstead, NY (exit 19N on Southern State). 

Event will be outdoors and in the park and we will be performing til about 8pm. Come and join us for a fire packed start to your weekend. Music will be a mixture of R&B, classic soul, funk and pop from yesterday's and today's music, as well as some original material. Hope  to see you there! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Singing at Cafe Oasis tonight July 25, 2014 10pm

Happy Friday! 

It's flashback Friday and I remember the first time ever going to an open mic. Of course it was all in fun and I was excited to take my singing before the four walls of my basement to a live setting. 

My friend Juanita was nice enough to introduce events of this sort to me. The host called my name and I walked up to the stage and started singing, forgot the words to my song and got so embarrassed, I walked right off the stage. Lol! But thank God I had the courage to do it again and again and again. 

Tonight is no different. I'll be singing live and I want to invite you all to this live musical event. 

Come out to Cafe Oasis located at 779 Brooklyn Avenue in Baldwin, NY. I'll be singing there alongside with Deverne Williams & Vintage Soul from 10pm to 2am. (Southern State Pkwy to Exit 20 S. Straight down Grand Avenue to Brooklyn Avenue. LIRR to Baldwin. Cafe Oasis is directly across the street from LIRR station). Admission is free. 

Cafe Oasis has a nice dance floor, seats around and a bar staff that makes some wonderful drinks. Bring your dancing shoes, and your ear. 

Also, if you sing, come out and rock the mic. Would love to have you. Hope to see you there tonight. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Many Hats We Wear to Breakthrough

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." - Philippans 4:7

I'm guilty of letting my doubts take over my body and killing my spirit and motivation, almost like a disease. But sometimes, it is the human way, when we forget to acknowledge all the goodness God has already done in our lives. 

We as a people wear so many hats. 

We are our gender, our children's parents, our parent's children, our sibling's sibling, our friend's friends, our spouse's spouse, our 9 to 5, our responsibilities, and our passions. With so many things, we often have little time to remember how strong we have been built and often tend to break under pressure. 

I'm inviting you today to understanding. Here are some things  to consider. 

- Broken crayons still color. 
- The fish could not handle Jonah's praying and spit him out
- Even a bud must face the sun to take root
- God is not through with me yet
- Faith is the most powerful weapon you can carry and utilize
- No matter what you are going through, God can fix it for you

With that in mind, I wrote this song entitled "Breakthrough" which is an inspirational tune about the wonderful grace of God. Here are a few links to the audio version and/or live footage. If you are interested, please feel free to check them out and enjoy. 

Soundcloud Studio Recording

YouTube live footage with Ladeez in the House Band 

Thank you for checking out my blogpost everyone. 

Stephanie Jeannot

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jeannot at Essence tonight, July 10, 2014

Good morning everybody. Hope your summer is going great. I want to invite you out tonight, July 10, 2014.

I'm singing at Essence Bar & Restaurant located at 1662 Atlantic Avenue (corner of Troy) in Brooklyn from 9pm to 1am. 

There'll be a live band and music will be a mixture of old school R&B, soul, funk, pop, reggae and some of today's music. There will also be an open mic segment and I'm hoping you will come out tonight. 

Until then, have a fantastic day! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Story Behind "Crocheted"

Ideas for songs come to me frequently and so most of the time, you might catch me with a pen and a pad in my hand. I get inspired by songs I hear on my iPod, things I see on the train or bus and real life experiences. Such was the case with my song "Crocheted.First let me give you a background about me and crocheting. 

Back in 2002, I saw a friend of mine crocheting at her desk during a work break and was really impressed with the art of it. Mostly because, I always saw my beautiful mother crocheting in the house and so I wanted to learn. And so I did and turned it into a business called Hand-Made Originalz.

I made mostly hats and scarves and would sell my items at street fairs. That same year at a street fair in Brooklyn, NY, a man saw my table of hats and requested some for his store. He told me he wanted 50. I told him I could have them ready for him in two weeks and he said, "no, I need them by Friday." It was Sunday when he said that. 

The next five days consisted of working my 9-5, crocheting on my train and bus rides to and from and running home to make enough hats for his store. I was able to meet my deadline and was asked for another 50 for the next week. I was glad to know at that moment that my crocheting was a success. I had even built a website with some of my crocheted items. You can access it by visiting:


Not shortly after that, a wonderful friend of mine asked me to be his valentine and I decided to crochet him a nice hat as his valentine's day gift. I used three different threads of yarn and combined them together to create a cool style for this hat. Plus I wanted it to be warm because we had a really, cold winter that year. I put it in his gift bag and gave it to him when I saw him. 

We spoke on the phone the next day and he said, "I think you left your funky colored hat in my bag." That statement stood out so much to me, that I based the whole entire song around it. The lyrics were written that same day and that is how my song "Crocheted" came to be.  All lyrics and vocals by Stephanie Jeannot. Music by Derrick Smith for BeatlifeLI Productions, Babylon, NY. 

Please check out the video here:

Or the song on Reverbnation: 

Thank you for reading my loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story.
Peace and love to you all.

Stephanie Jeannot

Freedom to Express: Happy 4th of July

There's nothing more free to do than to do exactly what it is that you love. For me, that's singing! 

I guess you can say, I never loved anything more. I often find myself letting out a tone or two where I shouldn't be and in places where it is unexpected; on the train, while walking, during my workouts. But the freedom to do it makes it all the more worth it. 

Without expression what would I be? And without something to love what joy would life bring? Thank God for allowing me to be who I am! 

It was Aaron Copeland who said, "a musician must make music,an artist must paint,a poet must write, if he is to ultimately be at peace with himself." These words speak life. And when I say life, I think of my uncle who just recently passed. We have one life to live with an option to choose. 

We can exist and by that I mean, go to work and then come back home, sleep and do it all again like a routine and do a great job but that's it. Or we could live; go to our 9 to 5 while going to school, making friends, enjoying family, trying new things and embracing our passions even though we barely get any sleep at all, but it's joy and the completeness of satisfaction. 

Let's make Independence Day truly mean something for us today. Don't let the rains of Arthur stop us from really enjoying what independence truly means. Call someone you love and enjoy a beautiful conversation or turn the radio up and dance like you are under the spotlight at the Shadow night club or unravel your running thoughts onto paper and arrange it into a poem or put on your favorite record and just sing it like you never sang before. And if the storm rains on your barbecue, put a burger in your George Foreman and enjoy your Independence Day food indoors. Do what you love and enjoy the blessings of this day. 

It's independent day y'all. Happy 4th of July! ;)

Stephanie Jeannot


I have pics like this and more on my Instagram and some of my other social media accounts. If you are interested, you can follow me at 


Saturday, June 28, 2014


Music keeps me high and so does the writing and creating new content. 

Like for instance, I wrote this song about love and entitled it "Overwhelmed" because the feelings of love got me feeling that way. Me being an emotional person, it is no surprise that love could have me going in circles.

If you are interested, please check it out. I just added it to my playlist on Reverbnation. Here is the link:

All lyrics and vocals by Stephanie Jeannot. Music by Mike Leshore for Chocc Fact Productions.

Thank you for checking out my blog post and please do enjoy the rest of this wonderful weekend.

Stephanie Jeannot

Monday, June 16, 2014

Keying in Something Different

Saturday night, June 14, 2014, was a new and exciting experience for me.

See! I'm a singer and often go out with a heart to share my talent. No different this Saturday that just passed. I was ready to sing and do my thing, but something amped me to bring my keys.

I was invited to sing at the Poetry in Motion Event  at the Box in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. I am loving the idea of discovering new venues in a Brooklyn, NY that provide and are open to entertainment of this sort.

Poetry in motion was hosted by Sir Miles High. With his gracious character and inviting appeal, he welcomed everybody in the place that night with humbling love.

Some of the artist that were scheduled to perform were Ras Osagyefo, Lady Moon and Jaydon, just to name a few. The show included a mixture of poetry and music and was awesome. The drummer was on fire and so was the crowd getting amped by the energy each performance came with.

When it comes to the keys, I use them basically to create new musical tracks or to practice singing scales and that's it. Yet this past weekend, I took out my keyboards, my stand and amp, set it up and when it was my turn to perform, I got behind it to play and sing.

How crazy. Wasn't bad. But good to know I can do it because I tried it and cannot wait to experience it once again. I keyed in something new into my life.

Friday, June 6, 2014

CD Single by Jeannot

After all the writing and drives out to Suffolk county and to Long Beach to record and write and create and swap on ideas, we have finally come to a point where we can say, yes, here is something you definitely need to hear.

To what am I referring to?

My new single CD. Thanks to Discmakers and CD Baby, it is finally available as a physical CD or for digital download. 

The CD single features two songs.

1. All Night Long, a fun dance tune about the love of music written by Stephanie Jeannot and Derrick Smith for BeatlifeLI of Babylon, NY

2. I'll Be There, a song about beautiful love written by Stephanie Jeannot and Fred Simmons for Choc Fact Productions of Long Beach, NY

Please take the time to check out these tunes and please support by downloading from CD Baby at the following link:

Thank you for checking out my blog and also for your support.

Stephanie Jeannot

Monday, June 2, 2014

Artist Showcase and Open Mic Hosted by TRP and Stephanie JEannot on June 5, 2014 8PM

June is black music month and just in time to celebrate that very thing that helps to move our spirit with a live artists showcase: music.

Join us on Thursday, June 5, 2014 for a night of music and fun hosted by Stephanie Jeannot and TRP at Brooklyn Nights located at 497 DeKalb Avenue (Corner of Franklin Avenue) in Brooklyn, NY.
Music will be provided by the Musiqal Ones featuring

Michael Collins (keys)
Mark Payne (drums)
Trey Sharpe (bass)

and live musical performances by
Stephanie Jeannot
Stewart Thomas
and more . . .

Hopeful that you will join us and get on the microphone to share your talent as it is also and open mic.

If you are free on Thursday, June 5, 2014, please come out and support live entertainment from 8PM to 11PM starting with Happy hour  which will include food and drink specials from 8 to 9PM followed by live music and fun.

One thing that is great about this venue is the sofas all around and the beautiful lighting which makes the ambiance really great.  There is free street parking always readily available and it is easily accessible by the G train to Bedford or the B38 bus which stops directly in front of the venue. So please come out and join in the fun.

Suggested donation: $7

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Live Performance on Sistah Talk TV 5/31/2014

What a day it was on May 31, 2014. 

I have performed my music often but never in a live setting as it was; and when I say live I mean live.

I was invited by Zakkee Newman, producer of Sistah Talk TV, to perform live and to also be interviewed on his television production. Deitra Kelsey is the host of Sistah Talk TV and with all her warmth and grace, made it all that it was to be.

Sistah Talk TV is taped live in real time at MNN Studios located at 537 59th Street in New York City and aired on Time Warner Cable Channel 34, Verizon Fios Channel 33, RCN Cable Channel 82 and beginning a 2PM ET, 1PM CT, 12PM MT, 11AM PT, and at 7PM in the UK.

Together with the Musiqal Ones Band featuring Coby Briggs on drums, Michael Collins on keys, Ron Collins on sax, Jazz-E-Matt on vocals, Dalthannette Munlin on vocals, Mark Payne on bass, we performed three original tunes, two covers and a medley to celebrate both the commencement of Black Music Month and the late Maya Angelou.

Thankful to my girl Corinne for helping me with my makeup and for Kelsey and Newman for making it such a comfortable experience, despite the nervousness and stress from traveling woes to get there.  

But we did it! There is a first time for everything and as artists I believe we grow from that moment.  Thankful for that moment.  It is definitely an experience I will cherish for the rest of my existence. If you missed the performance, it will be aired again next Saturday at 2PM at 2PM, simply turn your tv to the indicated television channel at prompt of your hour in your time zone or log on to the website at the prompt of your indicate time zone. 

I would like to invite you to check out one of the original tunes we performed. The song is called "I'll Be there" and is currently available on ITUNES. Please check it out here:

and if you like it, please download.
Stephanie Jeannot