Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Breakthrough kind of Saturday Morning

Who gets up on a Saturday morning at 6am? 

Didn't think it would be me; ever. But, all I know is that I was requested to sing at a prayer breakfast and I agreed but still asked Jesus to guide me. I said,  "if you want me there, wake me up and I'll go." I still set my alarm anyway but guess what, grace woke me up about ten minutes before the alarm even awakened me. 

And so, there I was ready to sing at Antioch Baptist Church in Brooklyn for the American Clergy and Leadership Conference Breakfast at 7:45 AM. Thank God he did wake me up. 

Not only did I get to share my original song, "Breakthrough" with worship leaders from all over the globe but I got a chance to listen to former congressman Edolphus Towns preach who said, "keep on fighting the fight and never give up because holding on to God's faith is a sign of integrity," which was so fulfilling to my spirit; a word very much needed and all worth my early morning rising. What a great morning!!! 

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