Friday, July 4, 2014

Freedom to Express: Happy 4th of July

There's nothing more free to do than to do exactly what it is that you love. For me, that's singing! 

I guess you can say, I never loved anything more. I often find myself letting out a tone or two where I shouldn't be and in places where it is unexpected; on the train, while walking, during my workouts. But the freedom to do it makes it all the more worth it. 

Without expression what would I be? And without something to love what joy would life bring? Thank God for allowing me to be who I am! 

It was Aaron Copeland who said, "a musician must make music,an artist must paint,a poet must write, if he is to ultimately be at peace with himself." These words speak life. And when I say life, I think of my uncle who just recently passed. We have one life to live with an option to choose. 

We can exist and by that I mean, go to work and then come back home, sleep and do it all again like a routine and do a great job but that's it. Or we could live; go to our 9 to 5 while going to school, making friends, enjoying family, trying new things and embracing our passions even though we barely get any sleep at all, but it's joy and the completeness of satisfaction. 

Let's make Independence Day truly mean something for us today. Don't let the rains of Arthur stop us from really enjoying what independence truly means. Call someone you love and enjoy a beautiful conversation or turn the radio up and dance like you are under the spotlight at the Shadow night club or unravel your running thoughts onto paper and arrange it into a poem or put on your favorite record and just sing it like you never sang before. And if the storm rains on your barbecue, put a burger in your George Foreman and enjoy your Independence Day food indoors. Do what you love and enjoy the blessings of this day. 

It's independent day y'all. Happy 4th of July! ;)

Stephanie Jeannot


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