Sunday, June 1, 2014

Live Performance on Sistah Talk TV 5/31/2014

What a day it was on May 31, 2014. 

I have performed my music often but never in a live setting as it was; and when I say live I mean live.

I was invited by Zakkee Newman, producer of Sistah Talk TV, to perform live and to also be interviewed on his television production. Deitra Kelsey is the host of Sistah Talk TV and with all her warmth and grace, made it all that it was to be.

Sistah Talk TV is taped live in real time at MNN Studios located at 537 59th Street in New York City and aired on Time Warner Cable Channel 34, Verizon Fios Channel 33, RCN Cable Channel 82 and beginning a 2PM ET, 1PM CT, 12PM MT, 11AM PT, and at 7PM in the UK.

Together with the Musiqal Ones Band featuring Coby Briggs on drums, Michael Collins on keys, Ron Collins on sax, Jazz-E-Matt on vocals, Dalthannette Munlin on vocals, Mark Payne on bass, we performed three original tunes, two covers and a medley to celebrate both the commencement of Black Music Month and the late Maya Angelou.

Thankful to my girl Corinne for helping me with my makeup and for Kelsey and Newman for making it such a comfortable experience, despite the nervousness and stress from traveling woes to get there.  

But we did it! There is a first time for everything and as artists I believe we grow from that moment.  Thankful for that moment.  It is definitely an experience I will cherish for the rest of my existence. If you missed the performance, it will be aired again next Saturday at 2PM at 2PM, simply turn your tv to the indicated television channel at prompt of your hour in your time zone or log on to the website at the prompt of your indicate time zone. 

I would like to invite you to check out one of the original tunes we performed. The song is called "I'll Be there" and is currently available on ITUNES. Please check it out here:

and if you like it, please download.
Stephanie Jeannot

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