Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Song "Rock With You" is in a Song Contest. Please Listen & Vote!

I entered my original song "Rock With You" into an Indaba Original song contest.

This song was written by me, Stephanie Jeannot and produced by Mike LeShore at his studio in Long Beach, NY.  Please listen and if you like the song, vote for it here:

Thank you for your support everyone!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Jeannot on the Jango & Jazz on the JNote

Hey everybody.

I wanted to let you know about a few things
that you may not have been aware of which may interest you.

  • I am the radio show host and producer of Jazz on the JNote, a jazz infused show that focuses on cultural and historical data of the African-American community that is important to keep vibrant and to circulate. My show has gained ground and not only can you listen to it on WNYE 91.5M on Sunday evening at 7:30PM, but now it will also be broadcast at the same time which you can listen to on, Mixlr and tunein which means you can etither turn your radio dial to the aforementioned station or you can listen in on any media device like car radios with Pandora , cell phone, smart t.v., Tablets ,etc.
This Sunday, check out my show Jazz on the Jnote at 7:30PM and you will not be disappointed.
  • At other times, you can catch Jazz on the JNote in the 24/7 rotation of which can be accessed by visiting the website and clicking on listen live now as well as other cross-cultural shows including The Afrikana Show, Writers on Writing, The Haitian Hour, The M Deck, New Dimensions and more. 
Thank you
for reading
my blogpost

Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Valentine

Valentine's Day has always been a day that we celebrate love. 
I am not one to start traditions but for the past few years, I have been making sure to give myself a valentine present and show myself some love which usually consists of a wonderful day of being pampered at the spa.
There is nothing like a hot stone massage that you can just lay back and enjoy the pressures of. I can truly say that after all the hustling and bustling through life,  those few seconds of elevated joy seem so necessary and the words ring true even after four years of her death, that Whitney Houston sang, I have been, "Saving All My Love For You."
Then there are the traditions of sharing time and giving gifts to others. I rather put a little bit of myself and my work and creative juices into a gift hoping that people will receive what to me seems a little bit more personal. Like a few years back when I wrote the song Valentino for my Valentine. We had been dating for about a year and I thought it was appropriate. You can check it out if you'd like on Soundcloud. Here is the link: Valentino by Stephanie Jeannot

Today, I vividly desire to bear fruits of love and connect with
you.  Celebrating life, love and breaking bread together with you
to tell you thank you for all your humble support. Shout out to all you
beautiful people out there who share with me your spiritual love.
Whether you enjoy a tryst under the shade of your roof or beyond, may you
be graced with a soothing song. May the reflections of love touch you and the
sweet air of music bring you calm.
And with that in mind and keeping with the harmony of Valentine's Day,
I dedicate this cover of My Funny Valentine to you.


Thank you for checking out my blogpost everybody and for allowing me to share my gifts with you!
With much admiration,
Stephanie Jeannot

Thursday, February 4, 2016

RIP Maurice White

What do you say about a musical genius who has inspired so many and has left the earth and has risen into the gates of heaven?  How do you thank someone with all his positivity and beautiful nature, sharing his motivational words with the world?  What do you say to someone that keeps you singing his music that has the power to change minds and to change the world? What do you say about someone who had such an astounding way about himself, that made you as a musician want to try more, do more, be more?
I guess the only thing you can say is Thank you!
So sad to hear of Maurice White's passing. What a wonderful musician and one of the world's greatest performers of all-time. There's not one concert I watched in which he performed, that I was not moved. There is not one song that the words featured within them, didn't somehow enhance my way of thinking. He used music to do what was right; to send a message.
 God rest his spirit. God bless his family and all those affected by him.
RIP Maurice White.