Saturday, October 25, 2014


There is something about harmony that I just love!

Stacked up waves of beauty all intermingling together beautifully to create one beautiful sound.  And when you take harmony in, it just soothes.

That was the idea I had when writing the song "Harmony."

In my opinion, there is nothing greater than singing and music. What I love to do most is to be on the stage and performing before a crowd. These are the things that bring harmony to my life. These are the things for me, that bring peace.

And so, when speaking of music and how music itself is the subject of most of my original material,  there is always an essence of instrumentation, melody and/or all things that pertain to music when I write. 

True, "Harmony" is the title and it is a love song, but love in itself can also be an harmonious thing if it is right. And so, here we have it; the song that I was speaking about that I'd like to invite you to listen to.  It is currently on my SoundCloud account and here is the direct link to it.

If you are interested, I have several songs on SoundCloud besides "Harmony" which can be accessed by visiting Follow me and I'll follow back. You can also put your SoundCloud link in the comments below if you'd like for me to visit just in case I missed it.

Thanks a million for stopping by and for checking out my post.  Please enjoy the rest of the weekend and blessings for the week ahead.

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