Friday, July 4, 2014

The Story Behind "Crocheted"

Ideas for songs come to me frequently and so most of the time, you might catch me with a pen and a pad in my hand. I get inspired by songs I hear on my iPod, things I see on the train or bus and real life experiences. Such was the case with my song "Crocheted.First let me give you a background about me and crocheting. 

Back in 2002, I saw a friend of mine crocheting at her desk during a work break and was really impressed with the art of it. Mostly because, I always saw my beautiful mother crocheting in the house and so I wanted to learn. And so I did and turned it into a business called Hand-Made Originalz.

I made mostly hats and scarves and would sell my items at street fairs. That same year at a street fair in Brooklyn, NY, a man saw my table of hats and requested some for his store. He told me he wanted 50. I told him I could have them ready for him in two weeks and he said, "no, I need them by Friday." It was Sunday when he said that. 

The next five days consisted of working my 9-5, crocheting on my train and bus rides to and from and running home to make enough hats for his store. I was able to meet my deadline and was asked for another 50 for the next week. I was glad to know at that moment that my crocheting was a success. I had even built a website with some of my crocheted items. You can access it by visiting:


Not shortly after that, a wonderful friend of mine asked me to be his valentine and I decided to crochet him a nice hat as his valentine's day gift. I used three different threads of yarn and combined them together to create a cool style for this hat. Plus I wanted it to be warm because we had a really, cold winter that year. I put it in his gift bag and gave it to him when I saw him. 

We spoke on the phone the next day and he said, "I think you left your funky colored hat in my bag." That statement stood out so much to me, that I based the whole entire song around it. The lyrics were written that same day and that is how my song "Crocheted" came to be.  All lyrics and vocals by Stephanie Jeannot. Music by Derrick Smith for BeatlifeLI Productions, Babylon, NY. 

Please check out the video here:

Or the song on Reverbnation: 

Thank you for reading my loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story.
Peace and love to you all.

Stephanie Jeannot

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