Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Love . . .

I Love . . .

Pretty notebooks where I can write a world within it of stories from things I have seen. I love to write songs based on my experiences and some not, but whatever I write, it has a bit of my life represented in it.

And I love . . .

going into the studio and laying my written words down onto a track and turning mere lyrics into a melodic tune that is singable with hopes to share it and perhaps perform it in the future.

And I love . . . 

This dress. I saw it and just knew I had to have it. It fits well. It is loose and comfortable on my body. The colors are energetic. I love how it falls on the shoulders. Perfect for an outdoor music festival. I am short and so, a long dress makes me look a little bit taller. And so, I love that it falls just below my ankles.  It was a nice day outside and perfect for a pretty spring time look. 

And I love . . .

My friends who are always there, having my back and lending their ears when I need to vent or when I want them to simply listen and give me feedback. And I love that they lend their voices and share stages with me. They are incredible singers and great friends.

And I love . . . 

JNote Band who from the beginning when I had my vision, stuck with me and were very patient with me trying to do my original music. To take the time to learn songs that you do not know that is not popular on the radio and is new content that the public may not have even heard yet is really beautiful and such a blessing. Thankful to have such decent and wonderful people in my corner. 

And I love . . . 

That I had experienced and seen things beyond my frontier to make me want to talk about love and the world and the importance of unity. It is more important to see the world with your own eyes than with someone else's description. It is more important to plant your feet on your own understanding of people than to judge them based on stigmas. It is important to remember that no two people were built the same and everybody comes with their own uniqueness that is worth taking at full value, even if you do not understand who they are or how they go about things and to love them without limits. We all have stories. We all have our own songs and dances. We all lived life in our own way, carry our own baggage, and strive in our own setting. 

I love . . . "Love No Limit" and hope you might find the time to check it out and maybe, you'll love it too.

So what do you love? Share some of the favorite thigns that you love? 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Despite your Circumstances, Smile And Enjoy Life

Do what you’re made for, yes, but then get better and better;
eradicate weakness, yes, but only within strength
Jim Collins

I am infamous for allowing vivid memories of the past, be the thicket of briers that I keep falling into and getting bruised all over again for something that is way beyond the current time restraint that I am in. Imagine being someone who is keeled over exhaustion from running backwards into sobering reminders of yesterday.

So what? I was tattered and torn. Darn scars! So what? I fell victim of my own mistakes. Darn detours! So what? The events of the moment that don’t seem so great stimulate thoughts that can mask a smile. Darn Debby downers! So What? Finances are climbing. Darn bills! So What? The driver next to me just cut me off two seconds off of getting snipped. Darn Road Rage! It has become alarmingly obvious to me that these things are a part of life and you just have to deal with it; plus there have been more good days than bad and the good needs to be acknowledged just as much as the bad! Maybe celebrated even more. 

Today’s clouds can never deny yesterday’s beautiful sunset.
The inconvenience of today’s storms can never turn us from tomorrow’s harvest
Nikki Giovanni

I had the opportunity to perform my original tune, “Enjoy Life” live with the JNote Band and it was a great experience to come before the masses and to do it for the first time and share my story in a song. Sometime it takes encouraging yourself to come to the reality of a situation. Check It out here:

I have found out that it is more important to thrive and to grow from these things. I have discovered that falling allows you the wings to fly higher than any bird in the sky. I have come to realize that your thoughts about your own self hold magnitude. It is better to think good about who you are and the possibilities than to stack your plate at the negativity buffet. 

Better to set out with confidence and greet each new day with a welcoming smile. The sun itself is pleasing to the eye and it is easier to take on the world with a measure of confidence and to enjoy life. For what is life without a little spice? A smile might just be that pinch of spice to make your life that much sweeter. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

In My Nature

Right now, in this moment in time, singing is one of my favorite things to do. it is my nature to want to get into the nitty gritty of music and to turn the light switch on to using my voice to sound art.

When I think about finding my infinity, I can honestly say that it might be singing. I have loved it since I was a toddler, running around the house and listening to my parents listening to song selections that they enjoyed. My father would sing along with his deep timbre and my mother would just start singing a song while she was in the kitchen putting her foot into the best home cooked meal that anybody could make.

Hearing them made me want to sing and so, I’d echo sounds to the four walls of my room, to my neighbors and then to the congregation at our home church. I sang in the choir with purpose, as if I had to set the caged bird free in order to live happy.  

Years and years and years and years later, I can’t go throughout one day without singing something; even if it is just one song.

I remember the first time I ever got on the stage by myself. I have a pretty huge repertoire and sadly, know more lyrics to tunes than French words to have meaningful dialogue with my family members that live in Canada. So I thought I would be able to just fly through a song and do well. I didn’t even think I would have butterflies in my stomach, but when I got on the stage, I started shaking like the 1989 earthquake that occurred while the Dodgers were ready to kick some butt at the Major League Baseball World Series. The song came next. I started singing and strike two; the lyrics slipped my mind. I was so embarrassed that I left the stage crying, didn’t finish the song and swore that I would never sing again. But thank God that I did not let my own worries, step on my own toes.

I sing and I am in my nature. I get on the stage and for me it is as refreshing as sitting at the bank of the Caribbean Sea on a scorching hot day. And when there is a band billowing in the background, even better. It enables me to reflect individuality. I get wholeheartedly inspired by the musicians and their light seems to somehow illuminate me as if their energy was up for grabs and I simply absorb it. Music fills me with the right amount of stimulation to tend to my nature. I am even more convinced now that when I am a supercentenarian and I look back at my living history, I will still make a joyful noise for all the tender moments singing brought into my life.

It definitely is “the Way” that I am loved so different in my nature, that keeps me with an open heart and mind for singing. 

Speaking of music, I have some original songs on mine on Spotify. Here are a few songs to consider adding to your playlist for this rainy weekend. 

Have a great one, be safe and enjoy to the fullest. 
Thank you for reading my blogpost. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Chronicles of an Angry Driver in New York City

Everything is so fast paced in New York City, so it is a pleasure at night when it is you and the road and the skyline and you can just ride without the heavy rush of the never sleeping town.

May Photo Challenge 2017: Skyline
The difference is that during the daytime, you are driving, stop at a red light and don’t let a second of green catch you standing behind it because you will be met with a chorus of beeps. So you start to move as you were prompted to by the cars behind you, and a person wearing all black clothes starts to cross the street in front of you. The latter example is even worse at nighttime when you can hardly see them at all. 

When I took my defensive driving class, the instructor told the class that every 3rd person on the road is under the influence of something. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, makeup or Snapchat that you decide to stream live while behind the wheel that has your attention, the driver might not see that camouflaged to the color of the pavement walker, or that crazy bicyclist who decides that no traffic law pertains to them. Yeah! I said makeup. Haven't you ever seen someone applying mascara and eyeliner while behind the wheel or using nail polish remover to take an old coat of polish off the nails? 

But then you have the city skyline to provide some extra needed comfort to that vision-zero spot you are in. All those lights keep you abreast and aware; unless you start gazing at the sparkle and decide that at that moment, patience to just enjoy life is more important than rushing through it. As that thought skates through your mind, may I invite you to "Enjoy Life" and sing along with me?

How could you not see the draped in all black pedestrian when the neon lights kind of color them in as they cross the middle of the street that you might not have seen if it were in a different area? And how could you not stop to simply let them pass without road rage getting the best of you and leading you to want to curse them out because you are in a rush? And how could you not feel like stopping just to appreciate the beauty and to capture the essence of it? Just looking at the skyline transforms a driver and leaves them feeling good. 

Thank God for those lights. Here is hoping for more patience as we cruise on down the thoroughfares of life. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Filter Out the Past and Keep Moving Onward to the Future

NuuViziun Photography

Doesn’t it feel good to know
that while playing a balancing act
of juggling the world and our passions
on our paths

we are living champions of life?
We are strong. We are fierce.
We are warriors
And our feet are spears.

Life has challenges.
It deals some cards
 that might force us to renig
and it goes to the heart
while we are looking back

Nuu Viziun Photography

because we envisioned a hand
that we didn’t really have.
Some things we were able to move on from
and some that we never get past.

And here we are in the present moment,
with all this knowledge of how strong we are
as people, thriving to fight
for what is in our hearts.

And so, all those things that held us prisoners to the past,
let them go like passing gas
And all those things that keep us bothered by our yesters
Shit them out and become a quality ply of toilet tissue invester
And all those things that no longer satisfy
Regurgitate them out of your life.

Tell the sorrows goodbye and let the sunshine in
Don’t allow the small shit to keep you dim.
It’s okay to live. It’s okay to love.
It’s okay to trust. Know that you are enough.
And eff all those who don’t believe in who you are.
If you believe in yourself, you are half way there.

As you look onward to the future.