Monday, January 25, 2016

Poetic Invitation

Poetic Invitation
By Stephanie Jeannot

Music makes the world go round.
So beautiful is the sound.
When you listen and let it hit you,
Bob Marley says it’s the only thing that won’t pull you down.
I think he meant it would be absorbed.
Like water sprinkled on a lawn.
Or like salt in a big pot of liquid.
Or like a hot meal to a hungry mouth; delicious.
With that grub in mind, hope I grabbed your interest
to divulge into my world and inspect
my youtube channel: SJ1and0
where you’ll find music and videos for one and all.
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Spice up my page with a chit and a chat
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If you dig it, that’s cool because that’s what this is about.
From my heart to yours, thank you for stopping by.
This blizzard in NY, 2016, got me writing blind.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cross-Cultural Revolutions and Resolutions for Three Kings 2016

Today is the 12th day of Christmas or what many would call 

Three Kings Day or Spanish Christmas.  

Me, the lover of Christmas, have been counting the 12 days of Christmas since December 25th, 2015, and here we have arrived to January 6th, 2016; a brand new year, day and if you are like me, another resolution to try to keep.

I have decided that this year's resolution will be different from the others. Two years ago I decided to give up drinking alcohol and two years later, have not picked up a drink since. Last year, I gave up pork and shell fish which I am still struggling with but I'm a foodie. LOL! This year, I decided for my resolution to be to love myself more and to simply enjoy life. How do I do that?

Read more books instead of trying to read into people or situations. Enjoy more music and find a way to be more culturally balanced, taking part in more of my heritage. I also came to realize that it is so important to celebrate yourself. Be happy for the little accomplishments. Remember that you must skein an inch before you reach the mile.  

So I started by treating myself to the most luxurious spa weekend and am reaping the benefits of finding stress relievers. If you did not know, stress can kill you. Better to grasp keeping that killer of hearts and healthy minds out of our systems or to find a way to balance it so it will not steal joy which is God-given and which no one or nothing should be able to take away. Often times, we do let things stand in the way of our own happiness. 

I pray that your 2016 will be filled with joy and will be stress-free. 

In keeping up with my heritage and culture, I produced a "Haitian Jazz mix" for my show Jazz on the Jnote which will air on WNYE 91.5, this Sunday, January  10, 2016 at 7:30PM, in celebration of the 212 year of independence which Haiti celebrated on January 1st.  

On Sunday evening, January 10, 2016, tune into WNYE 91.5FM at 7:30PM, when Medgar Evers College Radio takes over their airwaves, with Jazz on the JNote hosted by Stephanie Jeannot and bringing to you, a jazz-music and talk radio show . This edition will feature music from Tabou Combo, Nu Look, Carimi, Kassav and more. Please join me Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 7:30pm and get your Compas on with me. Until then, peace!!! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy 2016

I'm excited! It's a new year. Happy 2016. Are you ready to experience the abundant blessings in store? 

What I'm not so excited about is the cold weather that despite our worries about how warm it has been, we are finally getting. My advice: stay warm, be safe and make sure to bundle up to the best of your abilities.

Maybe you could keep warm by getting into the groove of my Haitian jazz music mix on my radio show, Jazz on the JNote which will air on WNYE 91.5FM on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 7:30pm. 

I also wanted to invite you to a really cool event I will be singing at, happening on Friday January 22nd, 2016.  Here are the details: JT Mac Productions Presents 2nd in A Series of Smooth Jazz & Neo-Soul Showcases. 
If you purchase Advance Tickets To Reserve your Table Seating On Line before January 1st you receive a 10% DISCOUNT. THIS OFFER IS FOR ON LINE TICKETS ONLY. GO TO GOOGLE : 

JT Mac Productions " Like No Other "

Thank you for reading my blogpost. I definitely am looking forward to convening with you in the days to come. 

I pray that your 2016 will be as lovely as a humming bird, as graceful as unconditional love, as successful as anything new that Apple puts out and as beautiful and refreshing as the waterfalls of Haiti. God bless you all!