Friday, June 6, 2014

CD Single by Jeannot

After all the writing and drives out to Suffolk county and to Long Beach to record and write and create and swap on ideas, we have finally come to a point where we can say, yes, here is something you definitely need to hear.

To what am I referring to?

My new single CD. Thanks to Discmakers and CD Baby, it is finally available as a physical CD or for digital download. 

The CD single features two songs.

1. All Night Long, a fun dance tune about the love of music written by Stephanie Jeannot and Derrick Smith for BeatlifeLI of Babylon, NY

2. I'll Be There, a song about beautiful love written by Stephanie Jeannot and Fred Simmons for Choc Fact Productions of Long Beach, NY

Please take the time to check out these tunes and please support by downloading from CD Baby at the following link:

Thank you for checking out my blog and also for your support.

Stephanie Jeannot

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