Friday, November 7, 2014

The Art of Being a Musician

I know chords enough to structure and create tracks for a song, but I would not consider myself a keyboardist. But I'm learning to sing and play at the same time, so maybe I will gain that wonderful skill someday. 

I can strum guitar strings and own a guitar but am not a master of that instrument and wouldn't consider myself a guitarist. 

I can hold down a beat but to use the sticks and steady on it, I can't do because I'm not a drummer. 

Today I was asked am I musician. I thought about it and realized, the vocal cords are an instrument; the only instrument hand-made by God. 

Yes, I am a musician. I'm a singer!!! 


  1. Yes, you are a musician! I know many vocalists who can read and write music but do not play a musical instrument other than their voice!