Saturday, April 15, 2017

L is For Lady Sings the Blues

L is for . . . 

Ladies that sing the blues
Like Lena Horne and Lady Day
Like it’s golden
And in their own lucid way
Locked in the groove
Locked in the flow
Love to listen to

Them rock and roll

L is for . . . 

Loving what matters
And looking for things that
Makes you smile wider
Despite the things that sadden you up
And living your life
One day at a time
And loving yourself
despite your falls
And your scrapes
And the errors you make
As the days move on by

L is for . . . 

Longing for cures
Longing to be sure
Looking for solutions
Longing for better conclusions
To the problems knocking on the door
To the issues that seem more
Like they tie knots in our gut
And make ushave the blues
Longing for unity
And Longing for love to be
The thing that changes the world
And longing for better ways day and night
And for different ways of life
And for all To live like a kid story
Ever after happily

L is for . . . 

Life could be better
But to remember that we have endured
And lived and fell and to be sure
That there is so much more to see
And so many reasons to love and let it free
Because despite our different dances and songs
We've lasted strong 
And until this moment we stand
We rise and try again
To see the things we want
Letting passion be the force
The booster up the rungs to see
That drives love to home court
And the inner joys to present themselves
L is for the blues music that tend to bring us some sanity


  1. Sounds like a great song and one that will make you think of the words. Always just listen first and enjoy the song after that I like to really listen to the words.

  2. Sounds great and love listening to lyrics like this

  3. I love the lyrics. It's nice to have a good music with a good lyrics too and a song that would inspire the listeners. -ANOSA

  4. Great lyrics, they all tell a story, good or bad and you've really captured them!

  5. Love the lyrics! I love seeing different music out there from talented singers. I can't carry a note, so this makes me jealous! lol. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Beautiful, as always. I love how fluid your words are!

  7. That is absolutely creative and incredible. I like the words in the lyrics. This is very lovely!

  8. This is a great list of L words. And it's inspiring me with ideas of my own that I can do. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a great video indeed. Great job. I love the L lyrics. Thanks for sharing all of this with us.

  10. Beautiful lyrics. I will try to listen to the song later in the day.

  11. Such a great list! Very creative, and makes me think of what words I can think of too! - jeanine

  12. This sounds like a beautiful song. I think the lyrics are amazing.

  13. Sounds great and love listening to it! Awesome!

  14. I really like these lyrics. Lots of L words in there, love that.