Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for Change

I find it amazing that reading could arm you with a toolbox of ideas and alter the trajectory of your writing. I think it is incredible how opening a book can alter your consciousness and disrupt the way that you think. I am amazed at how literature can lavish attention and generate a smile which is something to cogitate. The fact is true, in every sense that a good library can cause the wheels of your brain to start turning.

Isn’t it wonderful how much reading can enhance the thoughts of writers as they make great strides towards improving their craft? One page of content a day can give a person a daily dose of positive energy and writing influence. One sentence or phrase could click so much that you feel it necessary to write it down. A scribe’s mind is influenced at the heartbeat of written dialogue.

I don’t mind being squandered away by an F. Scott Fitzgerald prose or a Langston Hughes jazz poem. Better to turn the pages on a subway ride than to have a digital device that is magnetizing my eyes. No offense to those who like it better with a Nook but, yesterday I had to take a second look thinking about the 14-year-old girl who climbed onto the train tracks to get her phone and was hit by a train because she went into a dangerous zone for a device that nowadays seem like the most important thing. You read these things in the NY Times and it affects the ways that you think.

The mere fact that reading changes a person, is incredible to me. I took up English as a major thinking it would jazz up my ability. For jazz is an expression of freedom in the manner that writing makes you storm. Jazz is poetry to the ears bedazzled with trumpet calls. Poetry turns to a song and a song into a dance. A book is like the sweetest of the brain’s romance. And its pages the passionate escape between the sheets wrapped up in lust. I am still
amazed how literature has helped my life adjust.

Change is good and you know what I mean if you listen to a jazz song and the flow of it Greets your ear like a waterfall. It gushes so sweet, you get the urge to just wade in it. Change is an inevitable thing. Each new day brings with it life that we must be guided by. Read about your niche each day and you will find changes in the way you flow. The way that you go about your own passion because you found motivation in something you read. The words stuck to your head like the lyrics of a song which can linger on for decades after you heard it. Reading is not only fundamental, but it is worth it.  

Speaking about change, this world is need of change! 

Let’s spread love without limitations. Though we are all different, reading and also seeing the world with our own eyes can enhance our knowledge of all the similarities from one culture to another that is shared, despite the differences. 

We all have baggage, songs and dances. We are all striving to survive this world. We are all brothers and sisters in a sense and we should be united. 

Please check out my original song and tune “Love No Limit” and let’s also pray for unity and love to be shared amongst all the people of this world.

Thank you for being a part of my world and checking out the C installment to my April writing plan. I consider you all family and I love you with all my heart. God bless you and hope to vibe with you soon. 


  1. Reading is probably my favorite hobby. It really does let us venture into new worlds and new ways of thinking we would never otherwise discover.

    1. I totally agree with you. One of the reasons I love the art of reading so much.

  2. I always tell myself that without change, a caterpillar would never become a butterfly. Change is essential.

  3. I know that personally I have been changed by books and songs. Words and song have such deep meanings that change the world. ( Even if it is only one small world at a time!)

  4. Reading is my life. It's where i take adventures, fall in love and play with magic It is my favorite pass time.

  5. Reading is my favorite. I have shelves and shelves of books. It is the best pastime!

  6. LOve to read! Thanks for the video, love hearing live performances!

  7. I am so with you about reading. I read constantly and really believe if more people did that and opened their minds to other people's lives and conditions, the world would be a better and more empathetic place.

  8. It truly is amazing how a book can change us. Don't even get me started on music. Music impacts my life and brings back so many memories of key points in my past.

  9. Reading opens the mind of anyone who opens a book. That is why education is so important in getting people to understand other people and cultures.

  10. I love how reading a good book can instantly take me faraway to another place. Reading is da bomb, and it's so cool how they can change us. You're so talented!

  11. I love to read, I need to do more of it, it brings me to a calm place, escaping in a book is one of my favorite things to do.