Monday, April 18, 2016

K is for Killing Sounds That I Listen to Most

MamaKat added as one of her writing prompts to list the top most played songs in my playlist and when I took a look at the tunes that made up this list, it made me think of all the musicians and singers that put these songs together, the many times I have listened to them and how I came to love the music and also wondered about the experiences that these artists lived to be able to put all of themselves into these tunes. What wonderful songs! 

My top ten are:

1.       Get Up by Amel Larrieux
·      I just love Amel Larrieux. Her voice is da bomb and I love listening to any song that she has sung; whether it is with Groove Theory or her solo stuff. She sings and I listen to the words she has written; awesome writer. She sings and I sing along and imitate her style. She sings and I exercise my voice. I love what she can do vocally and I like her music a lot.

2.       I’ve Got a Right to Sing the Blues by Billie Holliday
·       Awesome song and awesome spin on it. I like Billie’s style. She was such a unique singer and has a great voice. Out of all the songs I have heard jazz greats sing, she has a different way of putting it and it is really nice to the ears. This song is new to my playlist but somehow is there as number two in my top ten most played list on my ITunes

3.       Bye Bye Blackbird by Carmen McRae
·         I have loved this song for a long time and I love the way that Carmen sings it. I have heard a few different versions of this song but Carmen’s spin on it is my favorite. Great standard from 1926 by Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon. I love listening to it and I love singing it as a cover. Carmen’s way of expressing is really great. She is an excellent singer and I love her voice and the way that she carries any tune.

4.       Blue N Boogie by Dizzy Gillespie
·     Dizzy is one of my favorite jazz musicians of all time and I love everything that he plays. This song from 1944 is nice because it is jazz and funky at the same time. I like the rhythm. It is becoming weird to me though that most of the songs that are in my top 10 most played list were created decades before I was even born. But . . .

5.       Alone Together by Ella Fitzgerald
·         The director of the Medgar Evers Jazz Ensemble which I am a member of, was playing this song on his trumpet and I fell in love with it. I think since I heard him play it, I have listened to Ella’s version about 150 times. Great tune. Ella is just the quintessential singer and I love her vocal style.

6.       La Vie En Rose by Madeleine Peyroux
·         I love, love, love Madeleine Peyroux and I think this is one of my favorites not only because I appreciate her singing but because I am trying to learn the song and get a better grasp of French and she sings a great version of this song first rendered by Edith Piaf.

7.       He Looked Beyond My Faults by Vanessa Bell Armstrong
·         Vanessa Bell Armstrong has such a powerful gift. I used to hear a choir member sing this song at church and I always loved it but never knew that Vanessa Bell Armstrong sang a rendition of it until the other day when I was asked to sing it for a beautiful couple’s aunt who just recently passed away. Great song to listen to on any day however. Very encouraging and beautiful.  Such an inspiring tune and the way that Vanessa Bell Armstrong sings is refreshing.

  I Wish You Knew by Mariah Carey
·         I have always been a Mariah fan and I think I have every single album she has ever made and can sing every song on each and every one of them word for word. Her songs used to be about 90% of my repertory in the past. I think I have listened to her most over the course of my life.  I love her voice and her music and I love singing along with her material. This song is a great song. I love the way it progresses and the beautiful way that she expressed the lyrics. She is such a great songwriter.

           Bohemia After Dark by Clark Terry
·      Amazing tune. Clark Terry plays the life out of his horn. He is so very talented and this song offers such a beautiful listen.

Ooh by Stephanie Jeannot

·         This is a new song I recently penned and I have been listening to it over and over again because I like it and am trying to see if there is anywhere in the song where I can make improvements.  But when it is complete and up to standard, I cannot wait to share it.  


  1. These are some great songs! I was hoping you'd have a sample of your latest...

    1. Hey John. I will share it really soon and can't wait to. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the read and the comment. Enjoy your day!