Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Grace and Breakthroughs

Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word grace as 

"unmerited divine assistance given humans for their 

regeneration or sanctification" (Grace). 

 For something to be unmerited means that is undeserved. Like for instance, often times 

when someone else makes a mistake or hurts our feelings, we tend to feel that they are 

undeserving of being a part of our lives again and we break away from the ties we had. Or, 

sometimes when we fall and lose our way, we tend to find ourselves unworthy of forgiving 

and live imprisoned by the past because we have yet to break free from punishing our own 

selves. Or, all the mistakes in life that we make that shines ugly within us and often 

disguises the light of God from who we are yet, God loved us so much still, even though we 

are undeserving, that he gave up his only son to take up for our sins that we might live. 

That is something to definitely think about  and take as a serious example of how to move 

forward in our journeys. To be broken because someone 

said something about you, a situation did not go your way or to let the past hurts steal your 

joy and not allow you to freely live without being makes these very things prison bars.

It is important to remember that with God, there are 

breakthroughs and we can lean on him and have faith because God is stronger than all of 

the nonsensical thoughts that can settle in our mind and keep us from faithfully moving 

forward to freedom from them. And then we have breakthroughs to tell people our stories 

and testimonies through writing and art. 

From my experiences came an original 

song I have written about keeping faith through your storms and how the grace of God kept 

me which is entitled “Breakthrough” and is currently streaming on Spotify. 

You can check it out here :


If "Breakthrough" inspired you. Maybe other songs I've penned will as well. 

I also have other songs on Spotify 

like music from my single cd "All Night Long"/“I’ll Be There” : 

Thank you for gracing me with your attention
and reading by my blog everybody! 
Have a lovely weekend. 

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