Friday, April 15, 2016

I is for In the Studio

by Stephanie Jeannot

In the Studio
You make fresh beats
And you add that heat
To an empty track
Put the beat in the back
And just ride the cymbals
With a bassline
Generic or organic
The latter the better
Depending on the ear
That receives its free expression

In the studio
You lace on harmonious strings
You let the black and whites sting
And then you sing a lick
Maybe add a slick
Stack of vocals over it
Dance vocally over it
Leading the pack of tamed while untamed
But as natural as
Rain in the April of spring

In the studio
What is written or unwritten
Gets etched into the composed nest
Vibin through foam and somehow everything internets
Into a social web network
From one channel to another
Each being a spun communicant
In its own way

In the studio you then play
It back
Wet the ears
Some panned, some E-cued, warmed and theatered
To make the sound warm, big
You might get a good mix
But you might come back tomorrow and realize
The studio is like a shuffle dance
Because you keep coming back to edit
With additional wetness
And the result is the extent
Of you

In the studio is where you do

Songs with edits
to listen back to in the car
As for example this one I wrote, produced, lyrically and musically
Please check out my tune entitled, “Wherever You are.”

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