Friday, April 1, 2016

April is for Jazz and Poetry Appreciation

The older I get, the faster life seems to speed by. 

I mean, can you believe it is April already?  It feels like only yesterday that I was on the dance floor at Trattorias in Purchase, NY, singing away 2015 on New Year's Eve, and here we are, four months later holding on with a tight grip, so we don't trip as the days fly by.

Photo Captured by EJ Haughton Photography

April has arrived; the fourth month of the year and also the rainy month, National poetry month and Jazz Appreciation Month. 

On a clear day like today, we have to be thankful that we had bright sunshine, though mother nature seems to be playing an April Fool's trick on us here in New York as she brings yet another chance of winter snow for our well-into-spring weekend. Might seem a bit depressing to think we might be cleaning wintry white from the concrete and the hoods of our cars this weekend but that is okay; nothing that beautiful poetry or jazz can't soothe, like a hot cup of coffee tends to do in the morning when sleep is still combating with wakefulness.

So while we are in the midst of my favorite season, I would like to wish to you, Harmony through it all. This is definitely a great season to allow that internal joy to peacefully uproot within and to blossom towards the light of the amazing sun. 

Happy April!  And to you, I dedicate a song that I wrote which was produced by a good friend of mine named Paul Garrod. The song is entitled "Harmony," and I hope that it brings you just that.  Here is the link: 

Thank you for reading my blogpost everyone. And as bassist Stanley Clarke would say, "Shanti, Peace, Paz, Shal!"

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