Monday, May 1, 2017

Filter Out the Past and Keep Moving Onward to the Future

NuuViziun Photography

Doesn’t it feel good to know
that while playing a balancing act
of juggling the world and our passions
on our paths

we are living champions of life?
We are strong. We are fierce.
We are warriors
And our feet are spears.

Life has challenges.
It deals some cards
 that might force us to renig
and it goes to the heart
while we are looking back

Nuu Viziun Photography

because we envisioned a hand
that we didn’t really have.
Some things we were able to move on from
and some that we never get past.

And here we are in the present moment,
with all this knowledge of how strong we are
as people, thriving to fight
for what is in our hearts.

And so, all those things that held us prisoners to the past,
let them go like passing gas
And all those things that keep us bothered by our yesters
Shit them out and become a quality ply of toilet tissue invester
And all those things that no longer satisfy
Regurgitate them out of your life.

Tell the sorrows goodbye and let the sunshine in
Don’t allow the small shit to keep you dim.
It’s okay to live. It’s okay to love.
It’s okay to trust. Know that you are enough.
And eff all those who don’t believe in who you are.
If you believe in yourself, you are half way there.

As you look onward to the future.  


  1. Way to get creative! I love seeing people use their talents and I love the message that you are enough. Truth. Simple as that!

  2. This is a great reminder. No reason to dwell on the past, all we can do is move forward and make our future better.

  3. This is wonderful advice. Move on, believe in yourself, and know you are enough.

  4. LOVE this! Such a great reminder to let go of the past and LIVE for the future!

  5. What a positve message. We all need to be strong and hear songs like this!

  6. Beautiful! I love the way you are able to look at life and put these thoughts to words. We are all fierce!

  7. Beautiful song JNOTE! Love the lyrics. You're so talented.