Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Despite your Circumstances, Smile And Enjoy Life

Do what you’re made for, yes, but then get better and better;
eradicate weakness, yes, but only within strength
Jim Collins

I am infamous for allowing vivid memories of the past, be the thicket of briers that I keep falling into and getting bruised all over again for something that is way beyond the current time restraint that I am in. Imagine being someone who is keeled over exhaustion from running backwards into sobering reminders of yesterday.

So what? I was tattered and torn. Darn scars! So what? I fell victim of my own mistakes. Darn detours! So what? The events of the moment that don’t seem so great stimulate thoughts that can mask a smile. Darn Debby downers! So What? Finances are climbing. Darn bills! So What? The driver next to me just cut me off two seconds off of getting snipped. Darn Road Rage! It has become alarmingly obvious to me that these things are a part of life and you just have to deal with it; plus there have been more good days than bad and the good needs to be acknowledged just as much as the bad! Maybe celebrated even more. 

Today’s clouds can never deny yesterday’s beautiful sunset.
The inconvenience of today’s storms can never turn us from tomorrow’s harvest
Nikki Giovanni

I had the opportunity to perform my original tune, “Enjoy Life” live with the JNote Band and it was a great experience to come before the masses and to do it for the first time and share my story in a song. Sometime it takes encouraging yourself to come to the reality of a situation. Check It out here:

I have found out that it is more important to thrive and to grow from these things. I have discovered that falling allows you the wings to fly higher than any bird in the sky. I have come to realize that your thoughts about your own self hold magnitude. It is better to think good about who you are and the possibilities than to stack your plate at the negativity buffet. 

Better to set out with confidence and greet each new day with a welcoming smile. The sun itself is pleasing to the eye and it is easier to take on the world with a measure of confidence and to enjoy life. For what is life without a little spice? A smile might just be that pinch of spice to make your life that much sweeter. 


  1. Well said. Life should be lived to it fullest. Besides you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

  2. I trip up on past stuff too. We are our own worse enemies sometimes. So true though, we have to smile and enjoy life

  3. So true! We all have to move on from the past, but taking those tough moments as a lesson learned. And then most importantly enjoy life!

  4. This is such a wonderful outlook on life! Some of those people who have been through it all have the best smiles on their faces!

  5. What a great reminder to appreciate all the good in life and move on from the negative. Although it's hard to do, sometimes we have to remember that advice from Frozen, and just let it go!

  6. I love to try to smile through adversity. I love all of your tips.

  7. Ugh, the ugly past that creeps in my thoughts at times. I hear you. I pull myself up and keep moving along!

  8. Your smile screams "Enjoying life!" This past year there has been a lot of loss in my family. I've seen a lot of sadness. The deaths made me realize life is short and we must enjoy the moments to the fullest.

  9. You are amazing! Your voice and your smile are gifts for the rest of us so thank you! I also get caught up in life's obstacles from time to time but I keep trying to remember to push through and move on.