Monday, March 13, 2017

Tickle Me Blizzard

I have been grappling with something that doesn’t seem to part ways with my heart. 

Perhaps you can say that I have been under construction trying to figure it all out. But, this dire feeling has lived with me from the beginning of this year until this day. I’m howling with laughter at the idea of getting up to two feet of snow from a March blizzard in New York. 

Flowers are already blooming. Green grass has already started to let its vapors out into the atmosphere. I have already enjoyed the tenderness of seventy degrees weather and was growing comfortable with not wearing a heavy jacket and gloves and here we are; mid-March after the time has lept forward and a few days away from the new season of spring, getting ready to dive deep into another bad winter storm that has already caused the city to close schools for the day.

Now with everyone about to be home for a day due to this oncoming wintry mess that is
about to embrace us, and hopefully off the roads driving like race car drivers on the slippery pavements, here are a few things we can do inside to keep us stoked for the rest of the journey.

1. Use a big pot or slow cooker to make some hot soup that can be enjoyed by everyone all day. It is  cold outside. After shoveling, the soup is perfect for bringing the temperature
in our bodies back up.

2. Pray for the homeless, that they might find a warm place to stay and be safe from the freezing temperatures.

3. Check on the elderly. Call them and make sure that they are alright and safe.

4. Keep your mind engaged by checking and responding to overdue emails, reading a good book, watching a nice family movie, check out some great documentaries on Youtube, crochet or do a nice puzzle that will intrigue your mind and keep you busy.

5. Don’t spend your entire day on your computer or with your face in your phone. Since everybody is home, what a great time to have some meaningful, heartfelt conversations and to enjoy spending time together as a team.

6. Start that spring cleaning by decluttering and putting away things that are no longer useful to you and donate them to a swap meet or to someone else who might you’re your junk useful.

7. Exercise at home. 

Put some dance music on and just let the good feeling take over your body and work it out. 

Here is a song that might work. It is called All Night Long by Stephanie Jeannot and Derrick Smith and was performed live by the JNote Band at Silvanas in Harlem, NY.

March Madness might pertain to sports but I think it applies with this winter. 
Whatever it is that you do, please be safe! God bless you and your loved ones! 


  1. I totally need to start de cluttering fro the spring. I try to deep clean at beginning of summer and fall.

  2. Just when we thought winter was finally almost over it has to go and rear its ugly head. I'm not happy about it, but hopefully my family will be home together and safe so I guess there's a silver lining.

  3. These all sound like great ways to stay busy when the weather is bad. I love to make soup on cold and wet days. Stay safe, I hope the cold weather doesn't last too long.

  4. These are great ideas! We are looking forward to a day off to relax together at home!

  5. Thank you for the reminder to check on others. Too many times in dire weather, people remember their own stuff, but forget the elderly and the homeless. I've lived in both Florida and Minnesota (both known for extremes). Remembering others is important.

  6. I love all of these ideas. I think a big pot of soup is perfect for your family and to take to those in need. I like the idea of getting a jump on spring cleaning! Will have to do that! Stay safe

  7. Love your slow cooker soup idea! We are in the Midwest and thankfully not getting as much as the east coast. Stay safe!

  8. These are lovely tips, especially the ones about helping others. I'll never understand how the homeless survive a new york winter.

  9. We have been having a great streak of weather, but the winter thus far has been very wet and rainy. I need to incorporate all of these tips into the next batch of weather. Yummy recipes & fun music to dance to are perfect.

  10. I ran out to the store and bought paint and new curtains. I'm tackling my hallway before we order carpeting! I say the snow day is a gift to slow everyone down a bit. Enjoy!

  11. Love your slow cooker soup idea! That's what I will be doing tonight with the snow storm that is still lingering!