Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Poettues: World Day of Poetry

It is World Day of Poetry and also Poetry Tuesday and so today, I share with you a poem. Hope you enjoy what you read. This poem is entitled World Day of Poetry.

I am an able-bodied woman of Haitian descent
who has shaken off fear and now able to present
genuine affection for the world which I toil free;
I unfold for World Day of Poetry.

Here I am; the tiger burning bright.
I’ve lived under the thinnest of moonlight.
Stains of ragged footprints of time that changed the lamb.
The fuel that keeps me alive like that of William Blake’s hand.

Learning from every conundrum, abuse and stains left on my skin.
Reason bursts like a volcanic eruption and here we go overthinking.
Google maps can’t look inside my heart to see the lava.
The lively Shakespearean madness in me, some consider all drama.

But my past however does not encapsulate my individualizing.
Creativity and Poe-ish passion make this caged bird sing.
An early morning dream; lit torches that unearth a laugh.
Necessary maintenance help me grow on this writing path.

And the special circumstances that make me focus on my lot.
Each person’s song and dance; the work that makes their hearts stop.
I sing of the world I see around me like Emily Dickenson wrote her logs.
It’s world poetry day, so here is a poetic throb.

Some may have been hoping to see rants of politic trump.
Some may have wanted to read a movie thumb.
“Sing”, yes I loved it! “Get out” was a great view.
Some of Langston Hughes works still read to me as brand new.

Nikki Giovanni and Wheatley pieces bring peace to me too
like a long island iced tea over ice soothes.
But here I am with this song and dance echoing nothing but music
and then I see a firetruck in the ocean that brought on some amusement;

trying to put out the fire that was burning inside of me;
trying to extinguish the passions that make me breathe.
Trying to rescue me from the icy pond on which I walked
Trying to stop me in my path from lyrical talk. 

Now the spring is here and my journal is out
and I'm writing about the world, love and the boycotting of winter a lot.
I’m sizzling still and world poetry day just added to the furnace.
I’m a poetess and any form of writing gives me purpose.

About writing

When I write songs, I write it somewhat like a poem, counting syllables and trying to make words rhyme to make it fit. Shakespeare made me love to write. Hughes made me love to read. Music gives me wings to fly. I sing because I’m happy and free. I wrote songs because my poetry gained flight and became a butterfly. 

“You Loved Me” is one of those songs. Lyrics by Stephanie Jeannot and music by Mike LeShore. Check it out here:


  1. I love poetry and all the meaning you can embody in just a few words. You've referenced some of my favorite poets, like Hughes. I've shared his work with my class in our writing about our visions for the country.

    1. I loved Hughes so much. He was such a great poet.

  2. I love your poetry style. It took me a second to pick up a cadence but when it clicked everything fit so perfectly together and I had to read it again from the beginning

  3. Poetry is a true love of mine. I really like the feel of your writing. I get so much emotion from it.

  4. I love your poem. It really shares a lot of who you are. I agree that song writing is like song writing.

  5. You definitely have a way with words! Keep up the good work. Your poetry is beautiful.

  6. Such strong and stunning words! You are so talented, I love poems and reading peoples thoughts and feelings with them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your way with words! Love this! Keep it up! You are very talented and glad to see that you are sharing your words (and talent) with the world. Excellent!

  8. Lovely poem and strong words. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I could hear the words being spoken as I read through them. This was really wonderful!

  10. Gosh I was I was creative as you. You truly have an incredible God given talent!

  11. What a deep and powerful poem. Thank you for sharing your creative work and talent with us.