Thursday, August 4, 2016

Learning from the Birthday Boy, President Barack Obama: Yes I Can!

The only knowledge you need in life is to know that you will be alright. We all find ourselves dealing with miseries sometimes because life is not easy. But walking around with a distorted vision of you is not right because all of a sudden, you become a victim of your own prejudice. The simple truth is, you are on a pioneering path and you need to know the great amount of influence you electrify the world with when you strive; even those big steps you take moving forward with which you find yourself coming up short. Yet still, don’t be so reluctant to believe that you cannot be a leader but also have glitches.

Just because you are carrying the weight of life on your shoulders does not mean that it has to dull your shine. Nobody said that you had to be driving in the hottest Italian sports car to be worthy of a robust life. Nobody said that to be seen as intelligent, you have to know every James Baldwin novel from cover to cover. There is nothing that says that one must eat 7 ½ servings of whole grains a day in order to be taken seriously. Don’t let these stigmas strip you of your supply of faith.

Stop wrestling with your doubts and letting the war in your mind deflate your willingness to continue pressing on. You don’t always have to be readily available for those invitations to lunch from your wounds and instead, you can find fuel from your passions and continue on with your unlimited expectations of what is to come. Remember, we all come up short sometimes from our own expectations of what life is supposed to be at the moment, detour, and lose our bearings, but don’t emotionally react so quickly to what may seem to be the pinnacle of your dreams. If you have envisioned the fruit at the bend of the rainbow with your own eyes, then you must first learn to tolerate your flaws and come to peace with who you are.

Keep your heart grounded in God’s greatness and love while also allowing him to heal your wounds. Target the opportunities, even through your personal struggles. I mean, what is discussing your dilemmas and aspirations with God if you are not going to let him do what he does? Move along the line with confidence and know in truth that the best is yet to come. Press on in the race and never give up. You are thoroughly equipped to gain momentum.  Life is all about taking chances.  It’s about fighting like Jack Johnson for what you want. But remember, God is bigger than all your problems. 

Love yourself, even with the abrasions, bruises, chatter-about-you and drama. These things are meant to be distractions for a reason. Nothing that an open-flow conversation with God can’t fix. They can be so transforming, if you hold on to God’s faith. A simple declaration such as the famous “Yes I Can” affirmation that the birthday boy, President Barack Obama uses can also change your nature. The most important opinion of you should be the one you hold of yourself. 

 You must also remember that not every aim at the basket will be nothing but net. You might gain momentum on the court with your heart beating wildly and the basketball falling under your spell until you shoot and miss. This is not a reason to be full of vexation; especially if you are keenly aware of who you are and what the end goal is.

What is life if you have to walk a tight rope to well adjust to it? Time to pay a visit to a different strategy. Enough with the wallowing in self-pity. Your mishaps are not chained to a slave castle in St Croix. It would be hard to change your mind with it racing 65-miles per hour. Stop being a slave to the things going wrong in life and instead, emancipate yourself and applaud the good things. A different perspective is all that is needed to endure the journey and to tap into the internal joy that no one or nothing should be able to take away.

Walk proudly towards what you crave to see in your life and be patient while working towards your achievement. I mean think about it. If every test you took was met with an A, there would be no reason to study or aim for higher. Things gained without working for it is not as appreciated as those you bust your butt to attain. So keep pushing forward.  

Time to put this trivial ego-buster out in the trash and regroup for those ample opportunities. But don’t sit on the veranda thinking for too long. Trying again should not be beneath your dignity. Especially when you have eyes filled with curiosity of what that opened door for you would mean. Let your action of trying repeat itself and do it with a fresh supply of faith unless you want to make God insanely jealous by giving into your doubts. Even in a premature stage, giving life to your dream matures you. Experience life! 

The important thing to remember about life is that sometimes you win your battles and sometimes your tries might have disastrous results. Then there are times when you are so at peace with who you are that you find yourself reclining on that veranda, looking back and laughing out loud at yourself at the sticky situations you got yourself into while striving for excellence.  


  1. Wow, this is so inspirational! We really do have to take the good with the bad and learn from it all and push to be our best. Great words of wisdom!