Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Good evening. Hope you are having a wonderful week so far. Seems like it is going pretty fast and I am so excited about that.

Have you checked out my video for "Harmony" yet? "Harmony" is a song with lyrics and vocals by Stephanie Jeannot and music by Paul Garrod.

Together we collaborated on an idea and created this song that I am hoping you will take the chance to both listen to a watch the video we put together.

The following is the link:

Thank you for checking out my blog post. Have a safe and prosperous remainder of your week.

Stephanie Jeannot


  1. Wow you have a beautiful voice, I love this song and message! Do you write your own songs?

    1. Thank you. Yes. I love to write. So much fun. So glad you stopped by my page. Thank you for the encouragement and the support.