Thursday, June 22, 2017

Take Time to Enjoy the New Season of Summer

As the quiet hush of evening came on June 20th, it was safe to say that summer had arrived.

Let’s set the agenda for some cool things to do in the sun. If the essence of your work requires you to be indoors, take a break and enjoy the vitamin D outdoors because it is good for the heart. Don’t allow the only thing to raise your interest level be the commercials for upcoming episodes of “Kendra on Top.” Find places to escape where you can enjoy life and appreciate the new season that God has blessed us with and try your best to stay positive and keep your hopes as high as the rising sun.

Perhaps the summertime is a great time to break out of your comfort zone and try something you never have; like an outdoor yoga class or taking photographs of beautiful scenery in a place that is foreign to you where you have never been. 

If you were in a doubtful place during the winter and experienced a spring renewal, then the summertime seems like a great time to press through and reignite the flame of love with life and the world around you. Redefine the landscape of your reality and make life meaningful. The truth is, our lives may never truly fit into a box of perfection. But, so what. Stand firm in the fact that the best is yet to come and allow peace to freely flow like the summer breezes that blow through your hair while lying on the sand.

A smile makes a huge difference in any day. If anything has a representation of valuing the day, it is a smile because it shows that you have found something to be joyous about. This summer, fully commit yourself to finding simple reasons to humbly radiate. Let joy take residence in you and just "Smile". 

(A cover of Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" performed by Stephanie Jeannot
and the Dr Jazz Band at the Irkutsk Philharmonic in Siberia 

It is time to celebrate. It is the summertime. It is barbecue season. It is the season of family reunions and fun in the sun. It is time to be outside and having a good time with the young people in our lives playing basketball, hide and seek, kite flying, or other things that fit the season. It is time to go to the beach, lie on the sand and swim in the ocean. It is time to go to outdoor summer concerts and enjoy the beauty of the summer nights. It is time to enjoy ice cream with family and to sit outside enjoying the evening breezes. It is time to go on vacation and explore the world and see different things. It is time to take on those amusement parks and to spend time with the family doing good things. 

It is the summer time. Make sure that while you are doing all the work that is required in your busy schedule, that you are also taking time out to appreciate the season. Find joy in the beaming rays because once the joyous weather goes cruising by, you lose it. Remember to embrace the summer sun and to find reasons to smile.

Happy Summer!


  1. Well it certainly sounds like you are going to have a great summer!!

    1. Definitely looking forward to it Ashley.Hope that you do as well.

  2. I love summertime! I am with you on getting as much vitamin D as possible and enjoying the warm sunshine.

  3. Great post! I've been trying to get in to that Summer spirit, but I have been having ups and downs. I'll keep trying for sure!

  4. Well, this definitely got me in the mood for summer! It goes so fast, we have to enjoy every minute of it!

  5. I am so looking forward to summer. I have a whole summer of being and doing planned!

  6. I crave the summer! We do a whole lot of anything we want and I love it!

  7. I love summer! We have been swimming every night and staying up late playing games with the kids. So far so good!

  8. I need to get excited about summer. Although the heat gets a little too hot for me. I like going to the beach.

  9. Our school age kids go to a park day program during the week, 2 min away and we stay to play before it starts. I love summer time; no school, no alarms.

  10. I love these thoughts! I always like to try new things in summer, it all seems so fresh and exciting each year! My kids are the best excuse ever to get out and do things.

  11. There is something so magical about summer. It always makes me feel reinvigorated and ready to tackle new goals!

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