Thursday, November 10, 2016


Seems like yesterday when I set out to meet producer, Paul Garrod in Herman Griem Park in Wheatley Heights, NY to film the video for the tune "Harmony." I wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music to this song and also blessed me with the opportunity to film a video for it. 

Seems ironic to have come into harmony with a person to do something that we do not do on a daily basis and to make it work without any drama or issues but with the same mindset of completing something and making our goals come into fruition which was to have a final product of a video and for "Harmony" to also be the title of the song and the moving frame.

After three wardrobe changes in my car, we had something to work with. He did such a great job at editing, using nature's own greens as a green screen to add cool special effects to it. 

Check out the full video if you'd like here: 

Thank you everyone for checking out my blog post. Have a harmonious day! 


  1. Beautiful! The video is great and the song is so pretty! You look gorgeous in yellow!

    1. Yellow is becoming one of my favorite colors. It is so vibrant. Thank you Kristen.

  2. Very nice work, writing, music, singing and video.