Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Add Stephanie Jeannot's & Derrick Smith's "All Night Long" to Your Summer Playlist

I feel like jumping for joy. It is summer and I am excited to experience the warmer weather and to think that for the next few months, hopefully I will not be facing crushing starvation for my big coat and three layers of clothing just to keep warm.

 So what do you plan to do for the summer? Are you someone who will stay in your Bohio and simply take in the fever of the streets? Will you sit on the beach in the heat of the day, taking in the sun? Are you one of those geniuses who will spend summer at a desk in school, learning something new? Will you reconnect with family that you have not seen in a while at a BBQ, or family reunion? Or will you take time to enjoy the sites of a place you have not yet been and travel?

Whatever it is that you decide to do, I pray that it is safe and keeps you in good spirits.  But however you choose to spend your summer, you will definitely need a playlist to keep the solid groove of the summer days going. Here is a song you might consider adding to that summer playlist:

 The name of the song is “All Night Long” which is an original tune; lyrics by Stephanie Jeannot and music by Derrick smith. While driving, listen! While at your summer BBQ; dance. While on the beach taking in the sun; let the music keep you grooving in the sun. This song is available on ITunes here:

Download it today! 
Thank you for supporting independent artists! 
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  1. The Song Title " All Night Long " was the same as the song written by Lionel Ritchie. I was not able to down load so i could not listen to the recording. Is this a cover or remake or not all?

    1. IT is actually an original tune. The following is the lin k to the video