Thursday, February 4, 2016

RIP Maurice White

What do you say about a musical genius who has inspired so many and has left the earth and has risen into the gates of heaven?  How do you thank someone with all his positivity and beautiful nature, sharing his motivational words with the world?  What do you say to someone that keeps you singing his music that has the power to change minds and to change the world? What do you say about someone who had such an astounding way about himself, that made you as a musician want to try more, do more, be more?
I guess the only thing you can say is Thank you!
So sad to hear of Maurice White's passing. What a wonderful musician and one of the world's greatest performers of all-time. There's not one concert I watched in which he performed, that I was not moved. There is not one song that the words featured within them, didn't somehow enhance my way of thinking. He used music to do what was right; to send a message.
 God rest his spirit. God bless his family and all those affected by him.
RIP Maurice White.

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