Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wonder Woman: Find Your Own Inner Amazonian

“‘Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda
for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world,’
declared the psychologist and comic book writer William Moulton Marston”

I have been on a roll lately getting out to the movies to actually see films that were recently released; and finally, I got a chance to sit down, enjoy a small tub of over-buttered popcorn and watch Wonder Woman.

It was a combination of seeing the cartoons as a young child and the very cool trailers that of this feature picture which stimulated my interest to see it.

What I remember about this superhero story was that Wonder Woman was one of the coolest of DC Comics. You did not want to mess with this don't eff with me attitude person. She walked around with sword, shield and her lasso of truth and made me and probably like every little girl want to be a superhero. I guess the latter still remains a bit true, though now watching the movie as an adult might make you want to go out and “find your own inner Amazonian” (Foreman). 

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What I didn’t remember about this story was that the heroine was from the race of warrior women known as the Amazons. The Amazons lived in the name of peace and justice. They spent their days readying themselves for the return of Aries, the god of war in a secret world they considered to be paradise known as Themyscira.

Though the story of the Amazonian women is often seen as a mere product of Greek
storytelling, some claim that the Amazons were an actual tribe of women from West Africa. Other historians claim that remains of these historical, ancient warrior  women were discovered near or around the Black Sea and by the Mediterranean Sea, where this race of strong and brave individuals who were skilled in warfare were said to have lived in tribes.  

You can actually get lost in the beauty of the Black Sea. I seen it for myself with my own eyes.  
In Sochi in front of the Black Sea with Lev Shafir

It is tropical. It is beautiful. And it is a calm setting. In the movie, Themyscira was like the most luxurious place you could ever go where you found the most magical of waters in their secret little landscape of the world. When I actually see West Africa for myself, which I hope to someday, I will be able to say which of the two was more like a paradise. 

The story in the comics says that the fiercest among the dwellers of this “paradisiacal” place was the young Princess Diana; Wonder Woman. Her mission in life was to stop the wars and the killing of innocent men, women and children in the barbarian world.

And the story continues with Gal Gadot doing an extraordinary job playing the role of Princess Diana, Chris Pine working his magic in his portrayal of Captain Steve Trevor and a great cast of actors that really played out their parts quite well.

Princess Diana felt that it was her sacred duty to save the world and so the picture brings on a wealth of video game-like action-packed fighting scenes that reminded me of the days when I spent time in front of the tv, clicking the controller of my Sega Genesis playing the game Street Fighter. For me, that made the movie exciting. There are also some comedic scenes which I thought were great to lighten up the intensity of this great movie.

Some Things to Think About from the film

1. Captain Steve Trevor said “everyone is fighting their own battles while you are fighting yours. How true is that? We all have our own battles and you never know what someone else might be going through. So, it is important to not judge someone else based on your own status.

2. War was referred to as a god. I thought about all the hate that goes on and I can honestly see that there are people who actually worship the idea of fighting and destroying as opposed to preserving and keeping a peaceful front.

3. Daily practice in your purpose helps you to navigate the terrain with power and literally transform it. Wonder Woman transformed the world just by being skilled in her practice and was able to stand strong in each and every battle because of it.  

I loved this movie and recommend it to all who are interested in seeing a great film.

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  1. I can't wait to see Wonder Woman. I have a very needy 1 year old and haven't seen a movie in a theater since she was born. It's looking more and more like I may have to wait until the dvd release. But I will definitely be seeing it

    1. Awww okay. It's good. Hope you get the chance to.

  2. I love Wonder Woman and I thin there is a warrior in all of us. We all are faced with battles we must fight and overcome.

  3. I grew up watching Wonder Woman so you know I am going to go and see this movie for sure! Such a powerful role model!

  4. My husband and I went to see this and it was a great movie! It's the best of the DC hero franchise so far, IMHO. Well, I also loved Batman. We are serious comic/game/sci-fi nerds. I did know she was an Amazon, but they changed her origin story so many times in all the different iterations that I cannot remember which one is correct. The movie did have a lot of fat to chew on, too. While there were some spectacular "Big Money Shots," it left a lot to think about.

    1. Yeah. It was surprising to discover that while watching.

  5. Wow! It is amazing what wonderful stories,and feelings of strength that this movie is bring up. The character is just so powerful, in so many ways. I love it.

  6. Loved the movie even more the second time I saw it! Hopefully your great review will inspire even more people to go out and see it.

  7. I am so with you. Wonder Woman is so empowering for all females - and it has an important message for guys. I loved it!

  8. Love Wonder Woman. WE have not seen the new movie yet but I have heard that it is really good. Hoping to see it soon. I love the empowerment for woman!

  9. Having been a fan of the original WW, it's so hard for me to picture Chris Pine as Captain Steve. I keep saying to myself, "he's too young!"

    What an interesting concept, "war as a god". War is powerful, destructive, and all consuming so I guess it is god-like in many aspects. Thanks for stimulating some deep thinking today :)

  10. I grew up watching the TV show, so I can't wait to go see this movie. I'm so late, but I haven't had a day off to get to see it.

  11. I still haven't seen wonderwomn and I am dying too! I'm so going to check out those comics on Amazon!

  12. I love the historical context of this film. it really has you thinking and I can say that I have a lot more respect for the film now learning these facts. I don't think I have seen the TV show, but would be able to see the film once it comes out on DVD. -Alexia P.

  13. My husband and I went to see Wonder Woman a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it! It was nice to see the "human" touches they gave Diana. The ice cream cone she enjoyed, and the baby she marveled at, really humanized her character.

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  15. By any chance have you listened to Dave Davie's interview with Jill Lepore on Fresh Air? It was back in early June. He wrote a book called "The Secret History of Wonder Woman" and it's incredibly fascinating. Especially the part about William Moulton Marston (her creator) and how he lived with his wife, mistress, and all of their kids! x

  16. I never watched Wonder Woman. But your story made me so curious! And you know, I visited both Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. They are both amazing!