Sunday, October 16, 2016

My First Ever Tour

Over 5000 kilometers away and my fingerprints are all over this place. I have been dancing to the tune of the Russian life and I can actually say that these moments will remain in my mind and in my heart forever.

This old vintage chick has seen the most spectacular views, tasted some of the most fantastic of Russian dishes, played on some amazing stages and worked with some of the coolest musicians that Russia has to offer. 

I am doing my first ever tour and my first ever trip to anywhere in Europe and my first ever tour happens to be a ten-city tour in Russia. And also for the first time ever, I have sung my original material on an international stage. 

The last few days have been amazing. Here are a few photos to summarize the past three days.

From meeting drummer Dennis Chambers, seeing him play, seeing the craziest posters with my name and face on it and performing on stages I've only ever dreamed at the Wilson Jazz Festival in Krasnodar and at the Novorosso Jazz Club in Novorossiysk with some of the coolest musicians in Russia, it has been the most amazing of three days ever; and with more to come. 



  1. Amazing! So happy for you! This is an exciting time, enjoy every moment!