Monday, March 14, 2016

Ode to Lewis (Did you mean Louie? No! Louis!)

This poem is a dedication to one of the greatest influences in jazz history. 

Ode to Lewis 
(Did you mean Louie? No! Louis!)
by Stephanie Jeannot (c) 2016

Louis Armstrong’s horn was blasting the night away.

Communally! With the backdrop of the stage,

and he was singing lullabies

and I joined into the glories of jubilation time.

He was sketching compositions with his brass.

I burst into flames so fast I got whip lash.

Hot, fiery sounds coming at me like high tide in the afternoon

I mean, for all intents and purposes; 
culture runs through the body of his tunes.

Five stories down on the dancing streets folks heard him.

Their emotional tones were slightly altered when 
they give his melodies a swim.

And suddenly we all gained the power of the Amazons.

The onus of trying to move peeps worked; that shit was on!

Could you hear how he ornamented his character 
with them caterwauling cries?

With the grace of a jaguar, they took his music up for size.

I can’t believe I had to tell some 
to not abnegate from enjoying his cheeky calls.

But it didn’t take long before they started to 
own the air around them and into the buttery mix fall.

The waves of sound, they let move their feet as 
love flooded all up in their ears.

You could tell by the way everyone moved that there were 
no veils of silence in the atmosphere!

The greatest influence of music of all time, 
Satchel Mouth, was sparking up minds.

The blues he lived was being articulated and 
we took his expressions for a pulchritudinous ride. 

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