Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My 2015 WCOPA Opportunity

I have been singing all my life and always had the dream that maybe someday, I would find my way to California; I even started planning a trip to drive all the way there from NYC with friends, but when the time finally came, the long distance road trip seemed unrealistic.

Then, a mentor of mine called me and told me to come and audition for the World Championsip of Performing Arts Competition which will take place in California this coming July and because I took his advice, I have gained the opportunity to represent the United States for Medgar Evers College.  I cannot believe I am actually going to one of my dream places for the first time ever in my life and I am very excited.

The competition will be over a nine day period and will feature acts which include but are not limited to, singing, dancing, acting, modeling and more and will be against teams from all over the world. I will be singing in four different categories which include jazz, R&B and original music.

I am really amped about the idea of going and taking part, but I need help.  This trip is very costly and my team has been able to raise some funds so far for this expensive trip that we are about to embark on, but I am still in need of sponsors and was hoping that maybe you could help.

Whatever you can and are willing to give, please contribute.  Even if it is only $1, it is $1 more than I had to be able to meet my goals for the WCOPA. But $5, $10 or $20, even better.

Hoping this finds you with the most humble spirit.  Thank you in advance for all your help and God bless!

Here is the link:

Stephanie Jeannot

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