Friday, March 6, 2015

West Fall Music Group

Hello everyone,

I am so excited for having gotten a great review by Terence Culpepper of the Westfall Music Group that I felt as if it would be great to share with you. For one, I am so grateful you have chosen to be a part of my life. Also, I appreciate you supporting me as an artist and hope that we can continue to have an ongoing relationship, as we do now.

The following is the write-up:

Terence Culpepper said, "As we begin March, 2015 with hopes of better weather ahead, this month's artist always does her best to warm the hearts of her audiences every time she performs . . . and succeeds!

Vocalist/composer Stephanie "J Note" Jeannot is the quintessential New York artist as she can be seen (and heard) at different places throughout the New York metropolitan area. And at every venue at which she performs, her audiences can count on: 1) hearing her voice, 2) seeing her trademark smile which radiates love and sincerity and finally, 3) witnessing an artist who is involved with a deep and committed love affair with music.

Ms. Jeannot is not one to limit her activities to the local venues as she has also appeared on television cable programs, Churches, festivals and any other place where both she and the band can share their gift of music.

What makes Stephanie Jeannot so special is the conviction with which she sings in that she credits God for her talent and abilities. The gift of music is that which she actively looks to share with whomever is willing to listen and enjoy her music. And judging from the amount of people who come to hear her whenever she sings, it seems that her audience appreciates and enjoys both her gifts and her love!

Photographer: Willie Tillman of Nuu Viziun Photography"

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