Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Was Inspired to Write A Summer Song

Now that the summer is here, many people will be gathering together with family for their annual get together.

I love them because of all the joy that springs up celebrating life and the good old times with relatives that might have been missing in action for the whole year. Actually it was one of those family get-togethers that inspired me to write the song "Family Reunion."

This particular family has an annual family reunion every year and this year made it their ninth annual. It is good when a family can gather together like that for other than sad times; in my humble opinion.

The family reunion I was honored to be at, was well planned out and organized with a schedule of events for the entire family to do together as the team that they are.I never felt more inspired by anything in my whole life.

Lyrics started to storm into my life while I was there and this hurricane took over my body. As soon as I reached home, I created musical tracks and added my lyrics to the music. Let's just say that there was no sleeping that night, and a few hours later, the powerful storm that was once wrecking havoc over my brain, died down and I had a song.

If you have not heard it, hope you will embrace it.

Here is a new original, summer song  entitled "Family Reunion." All lyrics, music and vocals by Stephanie Jeannot Video produced by Stephanie Jeannot.

If you listened/watched, tell me what you think. Alright Beautiful People. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. What a great way to remember that time. It's wonderful to be inspired and look at the beauty that came out of it!

  2. That's so cool that you felt something so strongly it inspired the music. That's pretty amazing!

  3. Family is the best inspiration! Congrats on a beautiful song.

  4. I love family reunions! I especially love when they are planned out well. How amazing that you were inspired by such a wonderful event.

  5. I love when life and people inspire us. This was so cool and you inspire me.

  6. How lucky for your family to have you to write the soundtrack to your experiences together! Listening to that song will always be special because it will bring back memories of your family reunion.

  7. I love that you did a song like this. What a beautiful audio memory to have for the ages.

  8. The inspiration and meaning definitely showed in the song! It was very nice. Family is something that we should always hold close to our hearts.

  9. How awesome! I do not write songs, but it seems amazing to have life experiences like this move you to the point of being able to articulate it song.